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Crest Penetration Testing Methodology – A Mark Of Excellence

Crest stands for Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers. It is an international accreditation and certification body that support and represent technical cyber security market.

CREST penetration testing methodology is a test conducted by the CREST accredited company. It states that the company has conducted and documented the penetration testing according to the legal, morally ethical and technical standards. CREST is an accreditation body which delivers professional certifications of the CREST penetration testing methodology to the companies which strive to provide excellent service to the customers.

What is pen testing?

Pen testing means attempting to test the response of a security system against an external cyber attack. Penetration testing attempts to hack the security system of the digital infrastructure. The organisation conduct the hacking drive.

 Why choose CREST Accreditation?

To achieve accreditation, the process is long driven. Several tests of the crest penetration testing methodology are carried out and the organization need to submit a reassessment every three years. The member organization also have to follow a code of conduct of customer problem-solving procedure.

Benefits of CREST accreditation

CREST is a globally recognized certification to deliver high-quality security standards. The pen testers certified by CREST are highly experienced and skilled in cyber security. The techniques expose the weakness in the system to improve them.


The CREST accredited organisation strive to provide a high-quality standard for the security system. Several CREST accredited companies can be found for security services.

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Gary Klungreseth