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Which Violin Bow You Ought to Purchase for Easy Learning?

If you are just starting out or thinking about getting into studying how to play the violin, then 1 area which may be somewhat confusing understands which violin to purchase. How can a beginner violin player even start to know which sort of violin is ideal for them? To make things worse, you also have to be careful when choosing the ideal violin bow also. Why does picking the ideal bow make a difference? The bow is the most crucial bit of playing the violin because it directly impacts the sound you make while playing. Just what sort of bow should you purchase if you are learning how to play the violin?


Like many things in life, you may find that the Cost of a bow can vary from relatively inexpensive to the insanely expensive. Just which one you purchase depends on what you would like or anticipate from the bow. Fiberglas bows are the cheapest and of the poorest quality. They are good for beginners since they generally cost approximately 20 – 50, but if you are more experienced you will surely need to decide on something much better. Professional violinists can hear a fibreglass bow immediately as the noise generated is exceptional, and this is not necessarily a fantastic kind of unique.

Have you got a small budget to play with or are you after something that is not too affordable? If you would like to choose something a bit better than fibreglass but does not cost the earth, then you might want to try Brazilian wood. These bows can cost anywhere from around 60 – 120 which makes them relatively cheap, but they create a lot better quality violin audio than the cheaper and inferior fibreglass bows do. You may want to consider Brazilian wood bows as the best value for money kind. They deliver a fairly good amount of sound quality but still have a fairly decent price.

Is cost no object? Would you want the absolute best in quality you can buy? For those men and women who seek the absolute best in bows for violins, then receive a pernam bucco bow. Be warned however, as you should expect to fork out at least 300 for this distinctive premium quality wood bow because its ability to resonate and bend is second to none. Part of the high price comes in the fact that they are hand crafted. This is absolutely a bow for experienced players only and they should not be used by novices unless they have cash to burn.

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Gary Klungreseth