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A Closer Look At Stiga Table Tennis Blades

In this world where everybody rushes behind money, no one has time to enjoy or play for a while to stay healthy. Being stressed all the time can have a bad effect on your health and affect different parts of your body. To stay fit playing any game like table tennis daily for some time can help. And for playing table tennis, you should have good quality blades. Let’s take a closer look at stiga table tennis blades.

stiga table tennis blades

But first of all, take a look at the four properties of a good table tennis blade.

  • Stiffness: The stiffness of the blade matters the most as it is good for hitting and blocking.
  • Speed: The speed allows you to control your shots.
  • Control: A control blade helps you in placement, variation in speed, and absorbing the energy.
  • Hardness: Hard blades are helpful in power shots.

Types Of blades

There are many types of blades according to your comfort.

  • All Wood Blades: All the layers are composed of wood.
  • Composite Blades: They are made up of a combination of other materials with wood like carbon.

Type Of blade handles

Some of the blade handle types are as:

  • Flared Handle
  • Anatomic Handle
  • Straight handle

There are many types of plates according to our needs. You just need to choose accordingly i.e., the type of game you usually play. A good blade can improve your quality of playing the game and also handling a good blade will give you the fun and pleasure of playing.

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Gary Klungreseth