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There is various course related to the field of music. These courses are well designed to enhance the fundamental knowledge of music learners. The music production course is well planned to provide the best training to the music students.

Main objectives:

The course is well designed keeping in mind the basic knowledge that would be beneficial to the students. They trained the students related to the sound that has to be maintained to keep it free from the loud and acoustics required for the environment.

They use the different onboard as well as the outboard form of gear at the time of recording session based on the various studio’s availability on the campus.

They demonstrate competency in the method of using the pro tools and other main music tools as well as techniques. It will help the students to master the essential requirement that would be helpful in the process of audio recording.

The skill will be made to develop in such a way that the students can compose the music independently along with record and master over the audio tracks.

music production course

Course duration:

The diploma course is offered mainly for the duration of twelve to month if in case of full time. Where is the case of part-time the course will extend for the eighteen months?

As per the course structure, the students are mainly taught those aspects which would make them develop a strong foundation in the field of music.

They are made to learn about chord construction, intervals, key signatures, and the principles related to harmonic progressions.

They will be made to understand the frequency that is essential for the audio formats and understand of basic signal in the flow form.

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Gary Klungreseth