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The retail solutions sg is developing at a bewildering speed, and this change goes a long way past web-based shopping and internet business. Yonyou Singapore’s new retail arrangements practice the idea of Online to Offline (O2O) processes and give a completely coordinated stage to endeavours. This considers further developed administration on both gathering and retail shop levels, where functional effectiveness can be worked on by concentrating deals, acquirement, financials, and HR the board, across the board convenient stage.

Cross-line Retail Solution

Yonyou’s cross-line retail arrangement gives a comprehensive response to your retail needs, consolidating the various areas of retail including the client experience, advancing brilliant retail arrangements, upgraded by both in-store showcasing coordinated efforts and omnichannel advertising to hit your main interest groups where it counts the most.

Client Experience

Upgraded retail shopping experience and omnichannel client the board with the execution of arrangements like participation following, shopping history, and coordinating the client experience into the whole interaction.

retail solutions sgBrilliant Retail

Advance how you really do retail with the assistance of Big Data, AI, IoT, and AR/VR arrangements. Change how your clients experience how you carry on with work, and wow customers with imaginative ideas and executions.

In-store Collaboration

Forward-looking workers are something other than sales reps, they are likewise your most immediate associations with your client base. Interface your esteemed individuals to the cutting-edge staff, considering custom administrations and customized retail arrangements that assist you with standing apart from the opposition.

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